Selected Projects

Image of several BrightSparc characters stargazing
iOS, Android
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In development. Fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) designed to improve literacy and foster good reading habits in children.

Image of the LifeFlix main window
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Streamlines the process of digitizing memories stored on MiniDV tapes and sharing them online.

Screenshot of the BrightWriter main application window
Windows, OS X, Linux
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iOS and Android versions in development. e-book authoring tool that incorporates instructional and information design best practices.

Screenshot of the Red Giant Link main window
Windows, OS X
Red Giant Link
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Manages updates and subscription licensing for all of Red Giant product suites.

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Open Source Contributions

The lead developer at KOSoftworks, Kevin Ollivier, has an extensive history of working in open source. Below is an incomplete list of projects he has contributed to and the contributions he has made.

Ohloh profile for Kevin Ollivier


Project Goal: Create a cross-platform toolkit for developing GUI applications

Role: Contributor, with a focus on the Mac port.

Languages Used: C++, Python, Obj-C

Selected Contributions:


Project Goal: Create a best of breed set of Python bindings for developing cross-platform interfaces.

Role: Committer, contributor, Google Summer of Code mentor (mentored the unit testing project).

Languages Used: Python

Selected Contributions:

wxWebKit (discontinued)

Project Goal: Create a cross-platform, embeddable web browser and editor component usable by wxWidgets applications.

Role: Primary developer and maintainer.

Languages Used: C++, Python, Obj-C